Copper gauze mesh

Copper gauze mesh is a seamless, continuous flat stocking that is knitted from flat copper wires. This kind of knitted structure is firm and not easy to tear, but it can be easily cut with scissors. It can be used for cleaning mesh, gas-liquid filter mesh, EMI shielding, anti-rodent, etc. When copper gauze mesh is used as a cleaning mesh, this knitted structure gives it excellent scratching performance to achieve the best cleaning effect. However, its softness can ensure the safety of mechanical parts and prevent scratches on the surface.

Features of Copper gauze mesh

  • High filtration efficiency.
  • Excellent shielding performance.
  • Anti-rust, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.
  • Safety-The soft copper will not scratch or damage costly machine parts.
  • No rust-Copper will not rust and will not contaminate the final product.
  • Not flammable-The copper mesh is made of 100% metal, so it will not burn when used on hot equipment.
  • Efficient– Compared with wire brushes, metal sponges or carbonization, cleaning with copper gauze mesh takes less time.

Application of Copper gauze mesh

  • Rodent Control – Tuck the Copper gauze mesh into the gap or any opening around the pipe to prevent rodents from entering the house.
  • Garden guard – copper gauze mesh can also be used in gardens by winding it around plants to prevent snails and other pests from devouring seedlings and plants.
  • Gas-liquid filter – it can be used as a filter material in gas, oil and water filtration applications.
  • EMI shielding – can be used for shielding, sealing gasket and grounding button in the electronic field.
  • Cleaning mesh – cleaning the surface of machines and parts, kitchen cleaning
  • Demister – Can be made into a mist eliminator.
  • Muffler – used for sealing, damping, silencing and exhaust purification devices of auto parts.

Copper gauze mesh application

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