Copper Mesh Roll – Available in Various Types

Copper mesh roll refers to various types of copper mesh provided in the form of rolls. It can be woven mesh, knitted mesh, expanded metal, welded mesh, perforated mesh, hexagonal mesh, metal curtain, etc.

Copper woven wire mesh roll can be used for filters, EMI and RFI shielding, decorative screens, window screens and handicrafts.

Knitted copper mesh roll is mainly used for gas-liquid filter mesh, EMI shielding, anti-rodents, snail control, etc.

Cooper expanded mesh has diamond-shaped, hexagonal openings, and is widely used in interior and exterior decoration, handicrafts, filters, stairs and sidewalk treads.

Welded copper wire mesh roll is very popular in gardens, workshops and household projects, and is usually used for fences, chicken coop, bird and rodent control, machine protection, etc.

Copper perforated copper mesh is aesthetic appealed and can be used for exterior wall decoration, stair treads and handrails, noise barriers, protective covers, and filters.

Copper chicken wire mesh roll can be used for on doors, windows, cabinets, lighting applications, fences for small animals or pets, garden fences, handicrafts and filter screens.

Copper metal curtains can be used for architectural room partitions, curtains and other decorative applications.

Copper Mesh Roll

Woven Wire Cloth

copper wire mesh roll


Copper Chicken Wire Mesh

Chicken wire (Hexagonal mesh)

expanded copper mesh roll

Expanded metal

Knitted copper mesh roll


welded copper wire mesh panels


perforated copper sheet roll

Perforated metal

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Copper screen application

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