Mice Copper mesh Rodent Control

Mice copper mesh rodent control is actually a knitted wire mesh. It has a tubular structure and is usually rolled up for storage or use. It is resistant to rust and dirt, and it is difficult for rodents to chew, so it is stuffed into openings around pipes or other weep holes and cracks in the structure, and rats and other rodents are kept out.

Mice copper mesh rodent control is suitable for stuffing into holes or cracks less than 3 inches in diameter. It is usually used to fill the gaps where pipes enter the house or the gaps around the foundation vents to prevent rodents such as mice, birds or insects from entering. It is also suitable for eaves, roof tiles, retractable awnings, openings and other small openings that need to be filled to prevent rats or pests from entering.

Copper rodent mesh can be cut it to a certain size with scissors or any cutting tool. Tuck the compressed wire mesh into cracks and crevices, or plug small holes, make sure it fits tightly in the gap, and can be used together with professional foam.

copper mesh mice control

copper rodent mesh

Stuf-fit copper mesh

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