Copper Wire Mesh (Copper Metal Mesh)

Copper wire mesh is woven by loom machine, it’s made of pure copper wire and it has excellent ductility, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, diamagnetic and electromagnetic shielding effects. Due to its unique physical characteristics, copper metal mesh is widely used for EMI RFI shielding, Faraday cages, and other electrical applications

Copper wire mesh presents its natural metallic color, usually purple-red, but when it is exposed to the humid air for a long time, a slow oxidation reaction will be occur, and its surface could gradually change to green, which is called verdigris. At the same time, the oxide layer can improve the corrosion resistance of the copper wire mesh.


  • EMI RFI shielding
  • Shielded enclosure
  • Window screen
  • Insect and fly screen
  • Architectural and decorative screens
  • Insect screen for doors and windows, gutter guards.
  • Root and pest control
  • Gas and liquid filtration

copper wire mesh

decorative copper mesh

copper wire screen

copper metal mesh

Copper wire mesh (Copper metal mesh) application

decorative copper wire mesh

copper mesh emi shielded enclosure

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