Copper mesh shielding (Copper mesh rf shielding, copper mesh emf shielding)

Copper mesh shielding is a common woven mesh with square openings, often used in hospitals, computer rooms, laboratories, optical components and systems to shield electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. Both large and small electronic equipment will generate EMI. Copper mesh shielding is a method used to protect electronic equipment and technical systems from EMI, EMF and RFI damage. Copper mesh emf shielding has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, and provides good ventilation. It is also suitable for Faraday cages or other types of RFI shielding.


  • Shield RFI, EMF
  • Radio wave and microwave shielding
  • High air permeability and conductivity
  • Easy to cut and shape
  • Easy to clean


  • Electromagnetic shielding and electromagnetic radiation protection, such as shielding the display screen, chassis, cabinet, etc. of the instrument.
  • Used for electromagnetic shielding or electromagnetic wave radiation in laboratories and computer rooms.
  • Used to shield the electromagnetic interference of wires and cables
  • RFI shielding, such as laptop computers, smart instruments, GPS navigation, telecommunication systems, etc.
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance and other medical equipment, etc.

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