Woven Copper Mesh – Copper Woven Wire

Woven copper mesh made by metal wire weave machine, it is commonly plain weave with square opening. The aperture size ranges from 2 mesh to 100 mesh, which can meet different application requirements.

Copper woven wire mesh has excellent diamagnetic and electromagnetic shielding effects as well as corrosion resistance and is very suitable for EMI RFI shielding and filters. Woven copper mesh also has excellent flexibility and unique appearance, so it is also a very popular choice in architectural decoration and residential fields. It is often used as decorative wall panels, screens, window screens, etc. In addition, it has a unique metallic luster, which is also very suitable for making various handicrafts.


  • Excellent conductivity
  • Acid and alkali resistant, anti-corrosion
  • Excellent flexibility and ductility
  • High conductivity
  • With a unique appearance
  • Can be cut with scissors

Applications of Woven Copper Mesh

  • RFI / EMI / RF shielding
  • Gas, liquid and powder filtration
  • Insect screen, window screens
  • Decorative wall panels, cabinet doors, fireplace screens
  • Used for noise isolation in buildings

woven copper mesh

copper metal mesh

woven copper mesh screen

Copper woven wire mesh

Woven copper mesh application

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